Terms & Conditions

Re-Training Policy

  1. If you are unsuccessful in a First Aid or CPR/AED course [provided you have had 100% attendance in your first program and fees have been paid in full] we will re-train you in the next available program at no extra charge.
  2. As noted above, if you are unsuccessful in any Instructor or Water Safety  courses (Water Safety Instructor, Swimming Lessons, Assistant Lifeguard or Pool Lifeguard), the above statement does not apply. We will not offer free re-training for any Instructor or Water Safety courses.

Liability & Waiver

  1. The registrant agrees that Lifesaver First Aid Inc., the instructor, and/or the contracting location will not be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss however caused and agrees to release the above from all claims or damages which may arise as a result of or by any reason of such accidents or loss.
  2. The registrant/guardians agree to grant permission for any medical services to be performed in the event that such is needed.
  3. Due to the nature of out-door programming, be prepared for all weather elements. Lifesaver First Aid Inc. and/or instructors reserve the right to cancel or alter any courses due to inclement weather (thunder, lightning, heavy rain).
  4. Swimming Lessons held at a waterfront location are considered HIGH RISK. Any activity considered as HIGH RISK also has the risk of injury/death. Lifesaver First Aid Inc., the contracting location, and the instructor will not be held liable for any situation resulting in injury/death during the swimming lesson.
  5. All registrants/participants/guardians must sign a liability waiver, be paid in full, and agree to these terms and conditions of the program prior to starting the program.
  6. If the participant(s) are minors, the parent/guardian must be in attendance and supervising their respective participant (during the lesson). Our instructors reserve the right to cancel a participants lesson where no guardian is present for safety reasons. No refunds will be provided for such cancellations.

General Rules

  1. Lifesaver First Aid Inc. and/or the instructor reserves the right to request any registrant to withdraw from any program prior to its completion if, in the opinion of the instructors, that the registrant is not acting in a reasonable manner.
  2. Our instructors and the contracting location reserve the right to assign the registrant to the group that the instructors deem most appropriate for their age and ability.
  3. The registrant(s)/guardian(s) acknowledge to abide by all safety regulations and facility rules, whether posted or not posted, as well as all rules and regulations that the instructor puts in place as deemed necessary for the lesson quality.
  4. Only the registrant(s) may enter the pool/lake, and only during the lessons.
  5. Lifesaver First Aid Inc., and the instructor are not responsible for the cancellation of the lessons due to the closing of a pool/lake front for any reason. We will attempt to notify the registrants, and will re-schedule if possible.
  6. Lifesaver First Aid Inc. and/or the instructor will not responsible for providing towels, goggles, snacks, or cleaning up after participants/registrants/guardians. Please dispose of garbage appropriately.
  7. If participants/students are not potty trained, please use the “three layer rule” to prevent leakage. Acceptable layers include disposable swim diapers, reusable swim diapers or  plastic coverings. In the event of an accident in the water (pool), the remainder of the lessons for that day will be cancelled, with or without re-scheduling.
  8. Chemical levels and pool maintenance are the contracting locations responsibility. The contracting location will keep a record of the chemical tests and provide the results to the instructors upon request. If the pool’s chemical levels, heat, or maintenance are unacceptable for lessons, Lifesaver First Aid Inc., or its instructors have the right to cancel lessons until the pool is at acceptable levels. Makeup lessons may or may not be provided.

Course Fees & Refunds

Credit Card:

  • All payments are linked to PayPal and Square Payments for secure transactions.

Cash Payments: 

First Aid & CPR/AED: 

  • Participants must register with name, address, phone # and email.
  • If paying upon arrival, and the participant cancels (less than 48hrs from the start of the in-class portion) or does not show up to class, they will be invoiced a $50.00 fee (plus applicable course materials).

Water Safety & Leadership:

  • If participant cancellation occurs less than 48hrs prior to the start of the course, a 50% fee will be charged (plus material cost).
  • If cancellation occurs after course begins (or after materials have been delivered) there will be no refund of course fees unless a physician note has been provided. If a physician note is provided, there will be a 100% (not including material cost).
  • If you have chosen to pay Cash upon arrival, and do not show up or cancel less than 48hrs prior to the start date, you will be billed for 50% of the course cost (plus applicable course materials).

Swimming Lessons: 

  • Our instructors reserve the right to cancel (prior to the first day of lessons), with 100% refund, any session due to any circumstances that are not to the benefit of the registrants or the program.
  • In the event that the participant chooses to withdraw for any reason OR does not show up for the set of lessons (after the lesson set has begun) there will be no refund unless a physician’s note has been obtained – a 100% refund will then be issued.
  • In the event that the participant withdraws from the lessons less than 48hrs prior to the start of lessons, they will be billed 50% of the course cost. If they cancel with more than 48hrs notice, there will be no charge.
  • Our instructors reserve the right to cancel any lessons due to inclement weather. Additional lessons may OR may not be granted, pending availability.

Group Registration: 

  • If a group(s) are being invoiced, you must provide a confirmed number of attending students. Once received, a $50 non-refundable fee (per person) is applicable to cancellations and/or no-shows from that time forward.

Product Purchases

  • If a purchase is made and requiring shipping, appropriate shipping fee has been paid in full (via online purchase)
  • If pickup at our office is preferred, please check “local pickup” to bypass shipping charges.

Special Offers

  • All promotions and discounts have individual terms and conditions. See advertised information, or contact us for more details.


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