• The Lifeguard course I took was very good. Tawni is an exceptional instructor. She explains the most crucial and important parts of what is needed and expected of us. When we have questions or don't really understand something, she will explain it in a different way to make sure we understand before moving on. Before every class, she recaps and refreshes us on what we covered in the previous class. For any more courses, I will definitely go to Tawni. She is hands down one of the best instructors I have ever had.
    Cassidy - Rose Valley Lifeguard Student
  • I liked the way we went over everything extra (aquafit exercises, additional practice time, real life videos). We really went over everything lots, and you made are we were all confident in what we were doing before moving on. I also felt really reassured that I was doing a good job with all the positive feedback you gave us!
    Micah - Rose Valley Lifeguard Student
  • Easy to get a course set up on days that were convenient for us. Lots of note taking ability. Clarified all topics very well. Laid back and relaxed. Did not feel pressured or uncomfortable to participate in group activities. The instructor did not move to the next topic until we were ready. Excellent course!
    Mike and Susan - Humboldt First Aid Students
  • Thank you for being so accommodating and supportive when some last minute reasons did not allow me to attend the course. Not only did you accommodate my first, but also my second unavailable date. I really appreciate how easy you made re-scheduling. I am very grateful!
    Anonymous First Aid Student
  • I wouldn't change anything! The information was clear. Questions were answered. All information was found online and through further explanation during the in-class portion. Training room was comfortable. Thank you very much for taking the time to teach us how to save lives!
    Anonymous First Aid Student
  • My course was awesome! Tawni did an amazing job at making learning fun , and keeping us all engaged in the material. We all definitely learned a lot while also having a good time! Nothing was ever boring and time went by so fast!  
    Megan Lifeguard Student
  • Had a great time learning with Tawni’s unique way of keeping things fun while still teaching you so much. Everything was easy to learn. All in all I had a great time at this course.
    Cameron First Aid & Assistant Lifeguard Student
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