On-site Training

Lifesaver First Aid, Safety & Aquatics feels strongly about on-site training. We enjoy coming to your facility to instruct; not only for your convenience but also to ensure the training is tailored to your specific needs (ie. placing first aid kits or AEDs around the building, aquatic environments meet equipment and training requirements, etc).

We have the ability to schedule your training sessions to fit the requirements of your workplace.

Basic requirements of a space:

  • staff quarters large enough for seating & tables (ie. most staff rooms, or clean warehouse areas)
  • floor space for hands-on training (ie. CPR, scenarios)
  • bare wall for a projector
  • refreshment area (if available) for coffee, water, snacks, etc.
  • aquatic centers must supply a space for in-class work (local pool office – if large enough, a classroom at the local school, community hall, legion, church, etc.)

For aquatic on-site training, our goal is to eliminate the hassle and extra work that comes with hosting leadership courses. We understand that seasonal/part-time pools are a gem in this province and we want to cater to those small town communities by offering courses right at home.

Our company’s goal is to ease the process and encourage hosting leadership courses (such as Red Cross Assistant Lifeguard [ALG], Lifeguard [LG], Water Safety Instructor [WSI] and First Aid/CPR/AED), we have developed our Lifesaver First Aid, Safety & Aquatics 2018 Summer Leadership Package. How does this work? When training dates have been confirmed by both the host and ourselves, we will begin accepting individual registrations & payment remittance through our website. All we require from the community/pool is classroom space and/or pool time [must also supply one (1) certified Lifeguard for pool time only. We attempt to coordinate pool time with pre-booked Lifeguard hours].

No additional charges or fees to the facility/community.

Our Summer Leadership Package includes the following:

  1. Supply appropriate course materials
  2. Schedule an instructor (professional, credible, reliable and delivers course above industry standard)
  3. Complete and file all necessary paperwork that goes along with each course (submit rosters, online education, course evaluations)
  4. Utilize our own training equipment (along with ensuring local staff members are knowledgeable in the equipment that’s on-site)
  5. Bonus aquatic in-service tips and drills
  6. Free refresher training annually (pending availability)
  7. The best part? By training on-site, it eliminates extra costs to the participant(s) (hotels, fuel, driving expenses, meals, cancelling other extra-curricular activities, parents/guardians taking time off work, coordinating schedules, etc.)
  8. Exclusive access to our aquatic apparel; designed specifically for “outdoor Lifeguards” (robes, suits, shirts, shorts, towels, etc).

**Alternatively, our instructors are available for direct-contract services. Please contact us for further details.

*Swimming pools must be approved prior (depth, length, equipment, standard supplies, etc.); if you pool has not been approved to host Leadership Courses, please contact the Canadian Red Cross (Saskatchewan Rep: lesleyanne.morley@redcross.ca) for approval.